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Oilfield Construction


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Land Excavation & Reclamation


Baywash Oilfield Services Inc. provides the expertise, equipment & staff to accomplish your excavation projects with the utmost proficiency within a time frame to fit your budget and your deadlines.


Contact us with the project you have in mind and we will make a plan that meets your  needs.   Our 'Frequently Asked Questions' are answered at the link below.


  • Excavation for basements, utility services, septic systems etc.

  • Grading & leveling, water run off & control, material spreading etc.

  • Road construction, packing, leveling, finishing etc.

  • Reclamation & maintenance for Oilfield & Commercial Construction of leases & land real estate


Material Hauling


At Baywash Oilfield Services Inc., we value your business, and we truly believe that our excellent customer service is our way of showing you.


Our staff is made up of competent, reliable, and dedicated professionals who produce quality work with pride, to ensure you return with a smile over and over again.


Material Handling


Baywash Oilfield Services Inc. has the equipment to haul your gravel, top soil, sand, snow, landscape material, clay etc.   We also have aggregate available for purchase.  Please contact us for pricing and we can deliver it to you for your projects or click on our  aggravate handling links for more information.


Whatever you need, wherever you need it to go, we can haul it.





At Baywash Oilfield Services Inc.,  we are prepared to tackle all your 'Earth-Scaping' needs.  Earthscaping is landscaping at a much larger scale.  From residential basement excavation to commercial land preparation to oilfield lease construction.


At Baywash Oilfield Services Inc., no commercial or residential landscaping project is to large for our dedicated staff & reliable equipment.


We meet with clients to determine the needs of your outdoor project. We can help determine the equipment and materials that are needed to make your vision a reality.


Available equipment:


  • Gravel Hauling Trucks
  • Rubber Tire Hoes
  • Track-hoes
  •  Skid Steers
  • Graders
  • Packers


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